Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020

Goal 1

To actively and effectively engage all members


  1. Member Retention
  2. An increase in number of members participating in events
  3. Members providing regular input into the development of projects and events
  4. Increasing social capital in the Upper North resulting in a stronger agricultural industry and community as a whole

Goal 2

To develop and enhance members capacity to address key issues through Research, Development and Extension


  1. Research and demonstration activities that improve our members sustainability, profitability and viability

  2. Extension activities that are relevant, appropriate and lead to adoption

  3. Agricultural excellence promoted within the region through sharing of information, resources and encouraging mentoring of farmers and advisors in the Upper North.

  4. Industry professionals engaged and involved in group activities

  5. Established partnerships enabling participation in steering agricultural research and development in the region, improving farmer’s terms of trade and regional prosperity.

Goal 3

To use a communication strategy to promote and advance UNFS, its members and stakeholders


    1. Members aware and engaged in group and industry projects and events

    2. UNFS provides timely, accurate and appropriate information

    3. UNFS recognised as a leading brand for RD&E in the Upper North of SA

    4. UNFS promotes agriculture and improves awareness of career opportunities.

Goal 4

To develop a sustainable business governance model that is regularly evaluated and evolves


    1. Effective and relevant constitution

    2. Relevant branding of the organisation

    3. Sustainable workload for all office bearers and staff

    4. A well run organisation that attracts future committee members and staff

    5. An organisation with clear goals and focus

Goal 5

To maintain a financially viable organisation through strong partnerships


    1. Financially viable organisation

    2. Membership awareness of UNFS financial status

    3. Strong partnership with researchers and funding bodies

    4. Strong relationship with sponsors

    5. Long term commitment and funding from stakeholders in UN primary production