GPSA Update: Opposes proposed Grain Harvest Code changes

After extensive consultation with its members, Grain Producers SA (GPSA) is standing firm on its position to oppose an alarming reduction to the measurement of the cease harvest number in the Grain Harvesting Code of Practice.

Following GPSA intervention to delay the roll-out of the new Fire Behaviour Index (FBI) at short notice prior to the last harvest, a Working Group with the members being SACFS, SAPOL, PIRSA and GPSA was established to review the FBI in relation to the Grain Harvest Code (Code). GPSA took part in this process in good faith that we could reach an outcome that was workable for all parties involved. After four meetings of the Working Group, upon realisation the FBI was not feasible to implement in its current form, with GPSA support the CFS decided to no longer pursue this option. The CFS then put forward a proposal to review the Grassland Fire Danger Index (GFDI).