Warm and Cool Season mixed Cover Cropping trial for sustainable farming systems in SE Australia

Full Name: Warm and cool season mixed cover cropping for sustainable farming systems in South Eastern Australia.

Funding Body: National Landcare Program Smart Farming Programs Partnerships Initiative – Round 1, Delivered in Partnership with Ag Excellence Alliance

AIM: The outcomes of this project will develop suitable cover crops to:

  • Improve soil fertility across South Eastern Australia for improved farm resilience and profitability
  • Efficient knowledge transfer to growers facilitating optimum cover crop choice suited to their farming system and environment
  • Improved nutrient cycling and reduced fertiliser and chemical inputs through integration of livestock into the farming system and the use of novel termination methods.

The project has 4 components:

  1. Farm Demonstration Sites.
  2. Cover Crop Field Trial Evaluations – Cover Crop Species Evaluation Trial and Cover Crop Termination Trial.
  3. Extension & Communications.
  4. Coordination and Reporting.