Agrifutures Producer Technology Uptake

Full Name: Incorporating digital farming for improved productivity in the Upper North of SA


Funding Body: Agrifutures Australia


Currently, key barriers to on farm technology adoption in the Upper North of South

Australia are confidence and perceived return on investment. There is a gap in the skills

and knowledge to access and interpret readily available data for improved decision

making. This project is designed to build confidence and digital literacy in farmers who

are under-utilizing and not utilizing current data and technology with a focus on broad-acre

cropping production within a mixed-farming enterprise. We aim to elevate the baseline

of technology and data use to reduce the gap between those in the region who are on

the cutting edge as early adopters and those at the beginning of their journey. By closing

this gap through confidence building in small network groups, farmers will be supported

to continue engagement with technology and will strengthen the networks of farmers

working together in the region to tackle evolving issues. A long-term approach to farmers

working together with the support of industry specialists is key to this project, with hands-

on workshops in hub groups, case-study examples, and a directory of regionally available AgTech support key outcomes.


Warnertown SARDI Trial site

The Whim Road, Nurom SA 5523