Barley Time of Sowing Trial

Full Name: Upper North Barley Time of Sowing Trial; Frost / Heat Stress Effects


Funding Body: SAGIT


The aim of this trial is to investigate time of sowing for individual barley cultivars with different

maturities in the Low Rainfall Zone of the Upper North where frost and heat stress events are

common spring features.


This trial will aim to trial 5 varieties of Barley at 3 Time of Sowings (Early April, Mid May, Mid June) to

compare time of flowering and yield, including quality and screenings.

RD&E Themes to be explored include;

  • Early Sowing/Dry Sowing – Competitiveness of barley to weeds under sub-optimal

pre-sowing herbicide application conditions

  • Resilience of Barley to late season frost
  • Susceptibility of Barley varieties to heat stress events in Spring.
  • Biomass production and yield potential of Barley Varieties in heavy red clay with limited PAW