Growing Carbon Farming Demonstration Pilot

Full Name: Growing Carbon Pilot

Project Lead: UNFS

Funding Body: PIRSA

The growing carbon pilot project aims to:

• Demonstrate a carbon farming method and or practice that has application for the SouthAustralian primary industry sector.
• Demonstrate how carbon farming activities contribute to revenue and jobs in South Australia.
• Demonstrate and quantify the co-benefits of carbon farming.
• Improve knowledge and capability, particularly for small to medium farm enterprises or larger businesses and other organisations yet to engage with carbon markets.

UNFS is assessing the viability of the Integrated Farm Management method & alternative revenue pathways & co-benefits from management change that sequesters carbon in soil & vegetation while conferring climate resilience. Full business analysis & demonstration of processes for carbon & co-benefit accounting to build landholder skills & knowledge.

Contact: Jade Rose, UNFS, 0448866865