National Risk Management Initiative

Full Name: National Risk Management Initiative

Project Lead: Hart Field Site Group

Funding Body: GRDC

The National Risk Management Initiative (NRMI) aims to understand and improve risk-reward outcomes for Australian grain growers through participatory action research (PAR).

The NRMI involves grower groups across South Australia including Hart Field Site Group (lead), Upper North Farming Systems, Mid-North High Rainfall Zone, Murray Plains Farmers and Northern Sustainable Soils.

Explicitly the NRMI aims to:

  1. develop an improved understanding of the risk-reward relationships for important on-farm management practices and decisions,
  2. inform growers and their advisers of new insights into managing risks and maximising rewards, and challenge grower decision-making so future management decisions are thought of in terms of probability of upside returns offset against the associated downside risks

Contact: Jade Rose, UNFS, 0448866865