Maintaining Profitable farming systems with retained stubbles in Upper North SA

Key elements of the project outcomes will include;
a.) Reduction in the presowing cultivation (both number of passes and intensity of disturbance) used to establish crops, particularly after a longer term pasture phase.
b) Improved management of stubbles from previous crops and pastures to maximise their value for both productivity and NRM outcomes (including stubble handling, seeding systems and grazing management).
c.) Specific management issues (weeds, disease, pests and nutrition) addressed arising from increased residue retention.
A further important outcome will be the engagement of growers with the aim of developing their capacity to manage their farming systems specifically in the area of improved residue retention but also more broadly across all facets of their farming systems.

Funding Body: GRDC

Project Duration: 2013 – 2018

Stubble Management – InterRow Sowing
Stubble Management – Break Crops
Stubble Management – Crown Rot
Stubble Management – Fleabane
Stubble Management – Onion Weed
Stubble Management – White Grain
Stubble Grazing Techniques Media Article November 2014
2013 Seeder Demonstration